Graphic Design with a side of mustache.

I am Jimmy Johnson and I don’t really have a mustache. My wife doesn’t like a stache on me for many reasons. None of which are justifiable enough to deny me the comfort and pleasure of proving my toughness without showing my chest hair bustling around in a cool afternoon breeze. That kind of power commands respect. When I’m sneaky, a beard is as close as I can get to wearing whiskers as sleek as satin, while she still enjoys looking a me. Every time mustache destiny is smiling down upon me, I feel like Tom Selleck, when he says, “There was a time I could have been mistaken for Burt Reynolds. I had a mustache and so did he. But he was the number one star in the world, so there wasn’t really much confusion.”

There are three things that make a man manly. What he loves and where he spends his time. And most importantly, if he can grow a mustache. The loves of my life are my family, advertising & design and oxygen. I can’t get enough of that stuff. Outside of work I like to spend my time laughing with my wife and getting into lightsaber fights with my two kids. I also enjoy snowboarding, but never have the time. And naps! Who doesn’t like a good nap?

Thank you for visiting my website. Please take some time to view my work. If you like what you see I would love to hear from you. I do enjoy a constructive critique.

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